Vienna is the metropolis of billboards proclaiming the arts and culture. The billboard is the traditional vehicle for advertising exhibitions and cultural events. For the past couple of years organisers of events focusing on culture and the arts have been able to make use of Gewista's subsidiary KulturFormat and its attractive, reliable and above all affordable advertising program – a welcome initiative in favour of legally publishing upcoming events.

Its program offers around 6,000 locations of all types where announcements can be optimally positioned on lamp posts and electricity switching boxes. And as the availability of monetary means is often very varied in the culture and events scene, KulturFormat offers its customers flexible packages.

In fact, KulturFormat has a very special goody in store for small cultural institutions with no advertising budget whatsoever: the campaign "Free Spaces" enables them to advertise free of charge. This is our way of helping Vienna's culture scene to survive independently of access to financial means.

Further information is available under www.kulturformat.at

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