Cultural Billboard Award / Time for a Quote

Cultural Billboard Award /
Time for a Quote

Cultural Billboard Award by Gewista and the City of Vienna. Gewista has played an active role in the field of art and culture sponsoring for many years. Cultural engagement is in integral component of the company’s self-conception. Gewista’s Cultural Billboard Award carries a value of 2,200 Euros and has been awarded each year from1977 to 2011. A top-class jury selects the best motifs from among every official booking for the year in question.

The initiative by Gewista was developed during the mid-1980s and aims to position taunting, provocative contemporary literature in the public space in a manner that encourages an encounter and debate with language and literature. Once a year Gewista organises a theme-based campaign titled „Time For A Poem“ on City Lights as well as in the form of single sheet billboards or posters on advertising columns. Gewista’s campaign has successfully encouraged public engagement with literature and language. The billboards are so expressive that hundreds of requests for copies are received each year from consumers who want to hang „Time For A Quote“ in their homes.


08.11.2011 - Nominierte

11.11.2011 - Winner


12.10.2010 - Nominees

09.11.2010 - Winners


11.10.2009 - Winners


09.10.2008 - Winners

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